For Sale

Photo by Shawn Romig

Below are a collection of factory Viper race cars that are known to be for sale at the time of their posting.  See each chassis on the respective tab for its history.

*Additional GTS-Rs are available privately - serious buyers inquire via email*

Last update: 9/1/2023

Photo by Mike Earlywine

 Dodge ACR-X 024

Posted: 7/10/2023

Location: Arizona



 Dodge Competition Coupe C53

Posted: 3/9/2023

Location: Ohio

Contact email:  

 Dodge Competition Coupe C78

Posted: 3/9/2023

Location: New Jersey

Contact email:  

Photo by Jean Luc Fortunati

 Dodge Competition Coupe C69

Posted: 2/23/2023

Location: France

Contact email: 

Photo courtesy of SIGNA Motorsport

 Dodge Competition Coupe C81

Posted: 2/15/2023

Location: Belgium

Contact email:

Photo courtesy of Motorsport Showroom

 Dodge Competition Coupe C113

Posted: 2/6/2023

Location: Brinkworth, Great Britain

Contact email:

Photo by Art and Revs

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C20

Posted: 1/31/2023

Location: Luxembourg


Photo by Bonhams

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C38

Posted: 1/7/2023

Location: Netherlands


Photo by Gipimotor

 Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C34

Posted: 12/2/2022

Location: Evere, Belgium


Photo courtesy of Ray Sweers

 Dodge Competition Coupe C54

Posted: 9/7/2022

Location: Indiana, USA

Contact email:

Photo by Ray Sweers

 Dodge Competition Coupe C13

Posted: 7/19/2022

Location: Indiana, USA

Contact email:

Photo by Motor Car Company

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C32 and C33

Posted: April 2022

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Contact: Motor Car Company

Photo by Gerlach Delissen

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C36

Posted: 1/11/2021

Location: Netherlands

Contact: RaceArt

Photo by LBI Limited

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C31

Posted: 1/7/2021

Location: Michigan, USA

Contact: LBI Limited

Photo by BJ Motors

SRT/Riley GTSR2-C01

Posted: 1/7/2021

Location: Texas, USA

Contact: BJ Motors

Photo by Collector's Choice

Dodge Competition Coupe C10

Posted: 1/7/2021

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Contact: Collector's Choice Ltd.