For Sale

Photo by Shawn Romig

Below are a collection of factory Viper race cars that are known to be for sale at the time of their posting.  See each chassis on the respective tab for its history after registering for an accout. 

*Additional GTS-Rs are available privately - serious buyers inquire via email*

Last update: 3/22/2024

 Dodge Competition Coupe GT-C C36

Posted: 3/21/2024

Location: Arizona, USA



Photo courtesy The Ascott Collection

 Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C39

Posted: 12/27/2023

Location: France 



Photo by GT Collective

 Dodge Competition Coupe GT3 C111

Posted: 11/5/2023

Location: Australia



Photo by Mike Earlywine

 Dodge ACR-X 024

Posted: 7/10/2023

Location: Arizona



 Dodge Competition Coupe C53

Posted: 3/9/2023

Location: Ohio

Contact email:  

 Dodge Competition Coupe C78

Posted: 3/9/2023

Location: New Jersey

Contact email:  

Photo by Jean Luc Fortunati

 Dodge Competition Coupe C69

Posted: 2/23/2023

Location: France

Contact email: 

Photo courtesy of SIGNA Motorsport

 Dodge Competition Coupe C81

Posted: 2/15/2023

Location: Belgium

Contact email:

Photo by Art and Revs

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C20

Posted: 1/31/2023

Location: Luxembourg


Photo by Bonhams

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C38

Posted: 1/7/2023

Location: Netherlands


Photo courtesy of Ray Sweers

 Dodge Competition Coupe C54

Posted: 9/7/2022

Location: Indiana, USA

Contact email:

Photo by Motor Car Company

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C32 and C33

Posted: April 2022

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Contact: Motor Car Company

Photo by Gerlach Delissen

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C36

Posted: 1/11/2021

Location: Netherlands

Contact: RaceArt

Photo by LBI Limited

Chrysler/ORECA GTS-R C31

Posted: 1/7/2021

Location: Michigan, USA

Contact: LBI Limited

Photo by BJ Motors

SRT/Riley GTSR2-C01

Posted: 1/7/2021

Location: Texas, USA

Contact: BJ Motors

Photo by Collector's Choice

Dodge Competition Coupe C10

Posted: 1/7/2021

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Contact: Collector's Choice Ltd.